Noted Citizen of Pittsford – Kelley Lyon

September 16th, 2013

Town of Pittsford

Noted Citizen of Pittsford

Kel at sing alongWhat is it that a community needs most these days? A good citizen. Kelley Lyon is this year’s recipient of the Marble Valley Grange #567- Community Citizen Award; and one very good citizen for Pittsford to have. “Yes,” said John Haverstock, Pittsford Town Manager, “Kelley contributes an infectious enthusiasm and positive, can-do attitude which helps get things done.”

Ms. Lyon was born and raised in Pittsford, then moved up north for “a spell”, before coming home again. Lyon studied music and music therapy at the Shenandoah College Conservatory of Music. There she received the honor of touring with the Conservatory Choir in Europe, and singing in many of Europe’s great cathedrals. Ms. Lyon has also had the opportunity to perform at The Kennedy Center and Carnegie Recital Hall. Closer to home, Lyon sings with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra Chorus. She earned a master’s degree in Music Therapy/Creative Arts Therapy from Hahnemann University in Philadelphia. Currently, Ms. Lyon is a music therapist in private practice and a multi-faceted music teacher at her home in Pittsford. She also works with the Rutland Area Visiting Nurses- Pediatric Palliative Care & Hospice Program.

During the last decade-plus, Kelley’s given tirelessly of her talents and time to help make Pittsford a great community. “Lyon shares her musical talents with people throughout the community,” said Marsha Johnson, Grange Lecturer, “from the Congregational Church choir and youth group; Music for the Maclure Library Preschool Story Hour, Pittsford’s Sheep and Wool Festival, the St. Alphonsus St. Patrick’s Day dinners, Pittsford Day and at Marble Valley Grange functions.” She’s everywhere. Most recently Lyon achieved the incorporation and start-up of the Pittsford Farmer’s Market, and is Chairperson for the Pittsford Business Community Group.

Kel wont you buy my flowersLyon shares a vision with the Grange, and that of the town she lives in, that is of “Good Citizenship.” Lyon said, “It is very nice to be recognized for all of my volunteer efforts in the community; however what is most important is for people to have a sense of community. You get that by keeping at it, if you want things to grow.”

Kelley’s actions meet town manager, Haverstock’s definition of good citizenship. I define a “good citizen” as one who is well-informed, active, engaged in civic life and who holds the Town’s best interests at heart.

“Kelley has been an energetic advocate for small business and craftspeople in Pittsford, “said Haverstock. “I try to promote a symbiotic relationship between all of our groups and small businesses. As non-profits go, it helps if we all shore-up each other’s resources, and fill in with our strengths. When events and ideas get bogged down, people in the non-profit sector can go the extra mile to get things done.”

Award Presenter, Marsha Johnson said, “Being a good citizen means being aware of what’s going on in your community and taking part in gatherings and events and helping others, and Kelley has certainly given us all of that.”

For more information on any of the groups listed in this article, volunteer opportunities, or membership call either:

Kelley Lyon of Kelley’s Conservatory & Vermont Music Therapy- 483-2218, Pittsford Business Community Group, Marble Valley Grange #567, Regina Buffum, (802) 353-0422, Pittsford Farmer’s Market-, and Town of Pittsford 483-6500/