Bowen-Walker Harvest Fair

August 22nd, 2013

The Bowen-Walker Fund

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It’s that time of year again. Time to start planning for Fall! “Fall?” you ask. YES!

Pittsford’s 9th annual Harvest Fair is rapidly approaching. This year we will again limit our jewelry vendors to 3 so that each vendor can receive the best possible sales. (Vendors with jewelry as a secondary product are not included in this limit.) This worked out well for the vendors last year, and we anticipate that this will again be advantageous to them. Remember to book early to get your spot!

In addition, we’re offering 8 premium INSIDE spaces in the Fellowship Hall of the Pittsford Congregational Church UCC for those who do not wish to chance the weather or who have handmade merchandise that cannot take the possibility of rain. As the dining area and restrooms are inside, the traffic is very good in the Hall. The table and chair rentals are included in this special, and you may receive the early registration and previous vendor discounts should they apply.

So as we look toward another great gathering of artisans and customers under the maple trees, please keep the good vibes for great weather heading skyward. We look forward to seeing you on the Village Green with your decorated pumpkins and ready to SELL!

Kind regards,

Elizabeth Frost

Steering Committee Chair


Download a Vendor Application here

Download a Jack O’Lantern Contest form here